Boeing: No Turkish pilotage error, it`s Dutch tower`s mistake

Türkiye Materials 3 March 2009 16:40 (UTC +04:00)

Turkish media quoted Boeing statement as saying "THY flight that fell in Amsterdam because of wake turbulence and Dutch tower made a mistake."

It has been revealed Turkish pilotage error is "not the likely cause" of Turkish plane`s accident just before landing Schiphol Airport.

Boeing said "The tower is incorrect, decline happened because of wake turbulence." Earlier, Turkish pilots said that "wake turbulence was the cause of Tekirdağ plane`s accident." But Dutch authorities denied this claim by saying "the plane came down faster than normal."

However, Boeing company stated that "there must be 4 minutes distance between a powerful 757-type aircraft to another aircraft approaching from behind in order to avoid wake turbulence." The Dutch experts also believe there was no pilotage error on the accident.

Documents that show another Boeing heavy aircraft had landed on the same runway just two minutes before the THY plane emerged yesterday. According to North West Airlines records, heavy aircraft landed at 10.24. Turkish plane`s landing time appears to be at 10.26.

Dutch press also reported that there was no pilotage error during the landing. Dutch experts said "the pilots approached to the runway perfectly".

Turkish pilots claimed before that wake turbulence, could have hit the descending Turkish plane, disrupting its flight. They accused the Schiphol control tower of failing to issue full information to the THY plane about the previous heavy plane landing on the runway.