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Politics Materials 11 March 2010 18:36 (UTC +04:00)
The resolution recognizing the so-called Armenian genocide was unexpected for Ankara but for Armenia it was a step towards a successful future.

Rufiz Hafizoglu, Trend Middle East Desk Head

The resolution recognizing the so-called Armenian genocide was unexpected for Ankara but for Armenia it was a step towards a successful future.

Although the protocols signed between Ankara and Yerevan in October 2009 seem at first sight in favor of Ankara, the opposition of the protocols by the Armenian lobby and Armenian nationalists indicates that they are not doing any good to the country.

Using the tense Armenian-Turkish relations and complaints against Turkey, Armenia seeks to stay afloat at any price. Claims regarding the genocide and the territories are the most important issues for the Armenian lobby's activities.

Based on the signed protocol, Yerevan had to renounce all genocide claims and set up a joint commission to investigate the 1915 events. However, Yerevan has stated that it will not abandon the claims. Armenia is a hostage of the Armenian lobby, not only in foreign, but also in the domestic policy.

Naturally, it is meaningless to think about the ratification of the Ankara-Yerevan protocols by the Turkish Parliament after Armenia's Constituently Court amendments.

Of course, if genocide did take place as Armenia believes, then many countries would insist on the establishment of a joint committee to prove this. The fact that such a requirement has not yet been done either by Ankara or Yerevan demonstrates the absence genocide.
Although the Turkish Foreign Ministry officially urged the U.S. government not to discuss the so-called genocide in the U.S. Congress, a Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a resolution recognizing the genocide with 23 to 22 votes.

Ankara did not wait to answer and the same week recalled its ambassador in the United States, Namik Tan.

The events in 1997 were similar, despite the adoption of a resolution by the U.S. Congress.

Jewish lobby is involved in the adoption of the so-called Armenian genocide by the U.S. Congress, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during his official visit to Riyadh.

If you pay attention to this statement and what was happening in the recent past between Ankara and Tel Aviv, you can clearly see the dissatisfaction of the Jewish lobby with Erdogan's government. In fact, it was a "yellow card" for the Erdogan government.

I wonder whether Ankara will be able to resolve the genocide issue, which has been a headache for Turkey for many years.

Given today's strategic partnership between Ankara and Washington, and in particular the cooperation in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan, we can say that the United States does not want to lose such a valuable ally as Turkey.

The developments offer the Armenian government an opportunity to learn because there is a reality that Armenia and the Armenian lobby can not accept. This reality is that the superpowers have always manipulated the future of the Armenian people through a bargaining chip and a false genocide.

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