Pages of Azerbaijani history should be studied comprehensively Israeli Amb

Politics Materials 26 April 2006 10:51 (UTC +04:00)

The pages of the Azerbaijani history should be studied comprehensively to realize the reasons of tragic events occurred in the beginning of 20th century in these areas, Artur Lenk, the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Azerbaijan, stated. He was commenting on the mass termination of 3,000 Jews residing by the Armenian formation in Azerbaijani territory in the beginning of 20th century.

It is very important to study the facts and events, which were the basis of tragic events in order to give a comprehensive estimation to events of that period, Lenk.

The Israeli diplomat called a good idea a proposal on the establishment of a monument in Baku to Holocaust victims.

Though the people of Azerbaijan are our brothers and sisters, those living in these areas were too far from of the horrors that Jews suffered in Europe. We know that Hitlers Germany was striving to occupy these areas. However, thanks to the courage of Azerbaijani people, who fought against the Nazis within the USSR from the second half of 1942, the German armies were stopped in the South Caucasus, the ambassador stressed.