Tips for Retailer — How to Increase Profits and Save Millions with a Cash Register System?

Business Materials 20 October 2021 13:14 (UTC +04:00)
Tips for Retailer — How to Increase Profits and Save Millions with a Cash Register System?

The answer to this question is well known to retail chains whose checkouts are operating with cash register system called Set Retail. More than 200 such retailers appeared over the years, including ones in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as Russian chains in Germany and Austria.

Since 2020, Set Retail has become available to retailers of Azerbaijan. The first client was Bravo. The system is fully adapted to local legislation by developers, the cash register interface has been translated into Azerbaijani, integration with local loyalty services, an online store, and banks have been set up for full-fledged work. The main advantage of Set is in combining the best practices and expertise of the retail market leaders. Many processes, which you don't even think about, are already implemented in the system and allow retailers to work more efficiently.

Together with CSI company, we have made this expert review to show the capabilities of Set Retail for those who are just choosing a new cash register solution for stores or want to replace the current one.

Functionality from the ‘box’

The broad basic functionality of the system will allow the retailer to start full-fledged work immediately. It includes:

Cash module — a modern comfortable interface for cashier’s work, where customers are billed. All of the cashier’s actions are thought over to the smallest detail, the system guides cashier through the process, preventing errors. The time for cashiers’ training is reduced (an hour is enough), and the speed of customer service increases.

Operational Day module — the workplace of cashiers, administrator of the trading floor, deputy director of the store. Documents for all financial transactions are stored here, the absence of discrepancies is monitored, and sales data are uploaded to external systems on time.

The Loyalty module allows the retailer to manage loyalty campaigns, coupons and bonus programs centrally, apply terms of marketing campaigns to all sales channels. The module's built-in tools cover the needs of the modern marketing department — 24 types of mechanics approved by the leading retailers can be combined endlessly. The interface is designed as a constructor. It doesn’t require IT specialists work; a marketer can set up a promotion in 10 minutes by himself. Once configured, the promotion will automatically appear at the checkout. Offline calculation of discounts is also available. In the absence of a communication channel, the buyer will not leave without a purchase.

The Scales module loads the prices to all popular models of scales. It supports promotional prices, automatically clears the memory of the scales from goods with expired prices so that the data in the price tags and at the checkout always coincide.

Solution architecture. Set Retail is designed so that there is no need to control exchanges between checkouts. POS is able to calculate bonuses and discount mechanics for customer in offline mode in case of connections issues. Convenient administration dashboard allows to manage the checkouts without installing any additional programs.

Right after Set installation, the retailer receives everything he needs for convenient administration, accelerating customer service and conducting marketing activities to retain and increase customer loyalty.

Advantages for IT-manager

The CIO of the retail chain should pay attention to the following:

• Set Retail works on any cash register equipment from world manufacturers. The system can be easily integrated with other internal systems of the retail chain. There are many integrational modules, plugins for connecting outside services, an open API.

• High speed of work, simple interface and individual customization for the client.

• Centralized managing of equipment, processes, loyalty system and retail network renewal. The network for 9,000 cash registers can be renewed in 1-2 days by one engineer.

• Due to the two types of architecture, there is no need to use servers in stores. 9,000 cash registers under the control of one server — this is one of the current implementations of the system.

• Only free components inside (Linux, PostgreSQL). No necessity to buy licenses (for operating system and antivirus software for cash registers) can amount to tens of thousands of manats ($5,884) per year.

• New features every month. All of updates, including those related to legislative changes, are free for the client.

• The Set ESB service for data transportation allows to download directories to cash registers quickly and smoothly and upload sales data in networks of any scale. It is built on horizontal scaling technologies in a cluster and will not become a bottleneck in the IT infrastructure when the retail network is growing.

• Ready integration with external systems: 1C - Trade Management, ASTOR - Trade Network, 1C - Integrated Automation, 1C-Rarus - Shopping Center, SAP and others.

• Reduce of IT costs. Centralization saves 30-80% of resources needed for the cash system IT-support.

Set Retail for business — built-in tools to reduce retailers’ costs and to develop business

Each installation project brings profit to retailers. You just need to choose where to strengthen or what "chip" to implement. Developers put tools, settings and services in Set that makes it easy to cut costs, grow business, and attract customers.

There are many examples of such stories on the CSI website — you will find chains of different scale and subject matter there: regional and federal, hypermarkets and shops with 1-2 cash registers.

«Set»-family Products — More than a quick checkout

• First, Set Retail has cost optimization tools within each of the “modules” listed above.

• In addition, the system provides access to a whole «family» of products and services, each of them solves specific problem of the retailer and saves money. Set Kit is responsible for handling customer orders, Set Omni for omnichannel loyalty. Set Robot monitors data in internal systems, Set Galya chatbot helps the cashier with operations, which require administrator’s remote access. The Set Mark service can be useful in the future - it controls the turnover of marked goods over the network, preventing violations and fines. The Set Prisma video analytics system detects theft and cashier errors, reducing losses at the checkout.

What are the potential savings?

When a retailer installs Set Retail, the company gets new features and tools of the system, and savings begin to emerge from a variety of aspects. The total cost of ownership is reduced, personnel resources and consumables are saved, the speed and throughput of cash registers is increased, and so on. Here are some examples of profits from retail chains practice.

• Customer service speeds up by 3-40 percent, which means it serves more and increases turnover (without any additional labor costs and on the same equipment).

• Financial losses are eliminated by identifying fraud and errors at the checkout. Losses are reduced by eliminating data errors in internal systems as well.

• Hiring the electronic Galya (Set Galya service for the remote implementation of privileged transactions at the checkout) can save tens of hours of employees' time.

• New sources of income can become available. This is easy due to the openness of the system and the ability of Set Retail to connect internal and external services: commission trade, trade with legal entities, different payment methods (by QR code, cryptocurrency, and even by face), payment by partner’s bonuses. The plug-in system simplifies the integration process greatly.

• Online trading ready solution: based on Set Kit service (for working with customer orders) and Set Omni service, which provides same conditions of the loyalty program for online and offline channels.

• Possibility to switch to electronic checks instead of paper. It is not only about environmental concerns: the load on the cash register equipment and the cost of its maintenance are reduced.

• You can connect a second monitor to the checkout and launch an additional channel of communication with customers, display ads.

It’s difficult to describe everything in details. There are examples and calculations of savings with every item.

Let's calculate how much money and time your stores can save with Set Retail?

Send your request to CSI — the developers of Set Retail will be glad to tell you more about the system and how to begin the project.