230.000 AZM have been allocated to the budget by transportation

Business Materials 12 April 2006 19:38 (UTC +04:00)

7399 definitive signs have distributed among the transportation vehicles (5100 to busses) owners by the Transport Ministry from the start of this year. As a result 230.000 AZM have been allocated to the budget, which is a definitive fact, considering that tags started to be distributed a month ago, the Tax minister told Trend.

2-3 billion of old manats were raised annually from the passenger and transportation vehicles previous years. Distributing the definitive signs

is planned to increase the tax rising on minimum of 12 billion of old manats.

The introduction of definitive signs is conducted in accordance with a number of seats and weight lifting ability of the vehicles. The tax rate for 1 seat with the total capacity of 13 seats is 8, 2500 AZM a month.

The tax is 44.000 manats a month for taxi owners and 5,500 manats a month for cargo transfers.

The amount of the road tax for the passenger cars is 1% from each square centimeter unit of the engines or 55 AZM a year. This figure will be 2% or 110 AZM a year for busses and other transport vehicles.