Presentation of site В"www.analitika.azВ" was held in Azerbaijan

Society Materials 5 June 2006 17:14 (UTC +04:00)

According to the creators of the site, taking into consideration the principles of the democratic development of the country, strengthening of the civil society, formation civil relations between power and opposition, development of the third sector and mass media, the research center drew up an extensive database about Azerbaijan.

The database obtains information about various political parties, state bogies, non-governmental organizations and etc. Besides, the site reflects information about the new history of Azerbaijan and mutual relations of Baku with different international organizations.

The primary goal of the research center is to study various regional processes where Azerbaijan takes part and find an optimal position maximally appropriate to the interests of the country.

Besides, the center South Caucasus holds different social investigations which are of monthly (expert surveys for appointing the rating of the political leaders, public figures and state officials) and lump sum (the attitude of the Azeri politicians towards the crisis situation around the nuclear program of Iran) characters.

Furthermore, the center South Caucasus, as a non-political organization, is planning to place on site the analytical articles of Georgian partners.

The center South Caucasus was established in March 2004 and brings together outstanding analytics, journalists and experts of the region.