Armenia is the Paraguay of This Century: Says Former Assistant of British Prime Minister

Politics Materials 30 January 2008 13:44 (UTC +04:00)
Armenia is the Paraguay of This Century: Says Former Assistant of British Prime Minister

Azerbaijan, Baku, 30 Januay / corr. Trend K. Ramazanova, F. Rzayev / Armenia is the Paraguay of this century, said Normann Stone, assistant to Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of the Great Britain.

"During the reign of the dictator Lopes (19th century) in Paraguay, the country conducted numerous crusades against its neighbors (Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina) and each time came off as second-best and lost 90% of its population, similar consequences await Armenia as well," Stone said.

According to Stone, the Azerbaijani and Turkish Diasporas should learn how to earn money and spend them in the right way.

"Unlike Azerbaijani and Turkish Diasporas, the Armenian Diaspora can distribute its money in an appropriate way and can tell barefaced lies taking advantage of its authority, but it ultimately works to the detriment of their interests," Stone said.

According to Stone, many scholars in Great Britain do not recognize the so-called Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century and they know the truth that the genocide did not take place.

The US Congress has worked out a draft resolution which says that the Armenians were subjected to the genocide committed by the Turks in the territory of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century. The Armenians claim that the genocide claimed the lives of more than 1.5 million people.

The vote on Resolution 106 in the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the US Congress will take place on 10 October. Steny Hoyer, the leader of the majority in the House of Representatives and a congressman announced that Resolution 106 on the so-called Armenian genocide would be adopted by the House of Representatives on Thanksgiving Day, 25 November.

Turkey has warned the US several times that should Resolution 106 be adopted, the American-Turkish relations will become worse.

The resolution was put into the agenda of the House of Representatives by Congressman Adam Schiff on 30 January 2007. Some 227 congressmen support it at the moment.

The US President George Bush has repeatedly opposed the recognition of the so-called Armenian genocide. The US Secretary of State and eight former Secretaries of State also opposed its recognition.

Stone called the Book Adrent Tiger by Peter Balakyan 'nonsense' which tells about the reaction of the US to the so-called Armenian genocide committed in 1915- 1923 in the Turkish Ottoman Empire.