Analysis Materials 2 August 2006 12:06 (UTC +04:00)

Stable development observed in the transport sector of economy continued in Azerbaijan in the first half year of 2006. In January to June 2006 positive tendencies reigned in the transport sector. Cargo deliveries by all types of transport conveyances made up 67.3 million tons, 9.2% more than 2005. 55% of entire cargo deliveries fell on private sector.

Source: State Statistics Committee

In January to June 2006 the cargo turnover of the transport sector beat the record and comprised 14 billion ton per km, 17% more as compared to 2005. In difference to the cargo transportation where the automobile transportation leads, the growth was achieved thanks to rise in railway transportation in the western direction.

The aggregate amount of passenger transportation grew 5.4% as compared to 2005 and made up 511.6 million men. In this period 83.6% of passengers used automobile transport. The share of automobile transport in the passenger transportation made up 83.7%, or 428.4 million men moreover passenger transportation by this type of transportation was quite profitable, while the share of metro was 15.3%.

In January to June 20.2 million tons of cargo has been transported via the Eurasian corridor, which exceeded the last year figure by 11% and comprised 37.3% of entire cargo deliveries to the country.

Rail transportation carried 15mt of cargos, 26.8% more than 2005. The cargo turnover of the railway rose 26.6% to 5.5 billion tons/km.

Thus, in the first 6 months of 2006 the Azerbaijan State Railway Department (ASRD) transported 7.9 million tons of cargo. In this period, 7.9 million tons of oil and oil products have been transported. 7.9 million tons of entire cargo fell on oil and oil products. Daily oil cargo made up 734.7 carriages, 106% against the forecast of 693 carriages. Passenger delivery in this period comprised 2.7 million passengers and incomes made up 9.9m AZN.

The cargo shipping comprised 7.1 million tons with a rise of 5.4% as compared to 2005. The two third of cargo deliveries fell on oil and oil products, while one third was dry cargo. 99.6% of cargo deliveries was implemented under the international operations. The cargo turnover grew 17.7%, comprising 4.2 billion ton/km. The passenger deliveries rose 20.7%.

Thus, in this period 6,200 passengers used services of ferries. Amount of cargos processed in Azeri ports in the reported period made 3.3mt, up 6.9% over year. 81.9% of the total cargo was transit cargo, which demonstrated 2.5%-rise. Alongside, import cargo rose 1.7 time and export cargo 2.1 times.

In this period oil transportation via oil pipelines dropped 4.2% as compared to 2005 and comprised 6 million tons. Meanwhile, gas transportation via main oil pipelines made up 5.3 million cu m of natural gas, or 11.4% up as compared to 2005.

44.6% of the transported gas was imported, which grew 9.3% as compared to last year. The cargo turnover of the main oil pipelines fell 5.5% and gas pipelines 3.2% as compared to last year.

Passengers transportation via airways grew 8.2% and made up 564,600 million people, including 5.9% implemented by private sector. The increase of passenger transportation by air was linked with preference given by urban citizens to this transport during the simmer holidays.

Metro remains to be the popular and profitable. In this period a total of 79.9 million passengers traveled by metro, which is 6.4% up as compared to 2005.

The opposite situation was observed in the passenger transportation by trolleybuses. Use of this transport conveyance decreased 3.9 times as compared to 2005 and made up 105,000 people.