Turkey revokes Fethullah Gulen’s passport

Türkiye Materials 28 March 2014 18:57 (UTC +04:00)
Turkey has revoked Fethullah Gulen’s passport.
Turkey revokes Fethullah Gulen’s passport

Baku, Azerbaijan, March 28

Turkey has revoked Fethullah Gulen's passport, Turkish Miliyyet newspaper reported March, 28.

Gulen had a special "green passport" which is issued to former members of the government, as well as MPs and other high-ranking officials, according to the newspaper.

It is also reported that Gulen illegally obtained this passport in Erzurum.

Turkish media reported on Feb. 25 that in 2011 telephone conversations of about 7,000 people associated with the representatives of both the ruling and opposition parties, including family members of the PM were wiretapped, as part of the anti-terrorist operation carried out by the Istanbul prosecutor's office against Salam terrorist organization.

During the anti-terrorist operations, telephone conversations of the head Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan was wiretapped as well.

After this, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Gulen as the representative of his movement to stand behind the wiretapping of the phone conversations.

Erdogan also stressed that Gulen's movement (which he earlier called as a 'parallel structure') with its anti-state activities proved that it is not a religious movement, but a politicized and illegal structure.

Earlier, Erdogan called on Fethullah Gulen not to intervene in Turkey's internal affairs and accused the U.S. of supporting him.

The council member of Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party, Mazhar Bagli said that all actions of Gulen and his supporters are aimed at undermining the country's national interests.

Gulen is the founder of the 'Hizmet' public movement, as well as, Turkish Journalists and Writers Foundation.