'Turkey's Suggestion to Iran Important'

Other News Materials 2 June 2006 11:47 (UTC +04:00)

(zaman.com) - Turkey and Russia expressed the joint view that diplomatic outlets should be until the nuclear problem with Iran is completely resolved.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the messages to be given by Ankara to Iran are important after the meeting to be held by the EU trio (France, UK and Germany), Russia and US in Vienna. Abdullah Gul repeated his proposal for a diplomatic solution and said: There are many reasons to be optimistic. It seems that there is a new opportunity to solve the problem through diplomatic means. We hope this opportunity will not be missed. Lavrov started two days of official contact in Ankara by meeting his Turkish counterpart Gul. Joint views on Iran, Iraq, Palestinian problems and cooperation in the Black Sea region were covered during the talk. Russia lent support to Ankara with its approach of The place for the solution of the Cyprus problem is the UN. Lavrov also openly displayed his satisfaction with Ankaras energy policy, reports Trend.

Both ministers termed the Turkish-Russian relationships as a Multi-dimensional partnership and had an exchange of views on the suggestion package for Iran, to be discussed today in Vienna. The parties agreed Let the problem be solved by diplomatic ways, let there be no military choice on the agenda. Lavrov said Turkey and his country do not only agree, but also act together on several issues, adding We are shoulder to shoulder with Mr Gul and we are looking towards the same direction. We agree on Iran, too. Gul emphasized his optimism on the issue of Iran and said The opportunity for a diplomatic solution should not be missed. US asks no base for Iran

Upon being asked Did the US ask a base from Turkey? in the news conference, Minister Gul said a military operation has never been considered and cited the US did not ask to use Turkeys lands. Gul, emphasizing the ethnic and sectarian conflicts in Iraq have increased, expressed his concerns on the constitution of Iraq and Kerkuk (Kirkuk). Lavrov said he agrees with Turkey and added We are following Turkeys efforts on Iraq with appreciation.

We should strengthen the authority of Mahmoud Abbas. Humanitarian aid to Palestine should continue. The two sides should sit down to negotiate, and the road map should be followed. There cannot be a one-sided negotiation agreed the Foreign Ministers of both countries who are in contact with Palestinian election winner HAMAS.

Abdullah Gul and Sergey Lavrov, who decided to continue the cooperation established in the Black Sea region, agreed that Black Sea Force and Black Sea Cooperation Organization should be strengthened. Expressing his satisfaction at Turkeys good relations with Syria, Lavrov called for contribution by Turkey to ease the Syria-Lebanon problem. Ankara also requested support for Turkeys Cyprus Action Plan, which Lavrov said to the pleasure of Ankara in response, As a principle, no initiative can take place without the consent of the two sides in Cyprus. The solution platform for the problem is not the European Union (EU), but the United Nations (UN). We are in favor of any initiation for the solution of the problem. Your energy program is satisfactory

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov communicated that Russian companies have been following developments regarding Turkeys proposed nuclear power plant. Mr. Gul said that cooperation in the field of energy would continue to the advantage of both countries. Turkey has a responsible and serious demeanor in energy cooperation said guest Minister Lavrov, and that he appreciated this attitude. US Foreign Minister Condoleezza Rice had expressed her concerns by saying Russia is turning into an energy giant in the region. We are uncomfortable Gazprom may reach a level where it will use a strategic card.